Do you need to focus but struggle with brain fog?

Is your mind at times forgetful, even offline?

Do you beg your grey matter to cooperate but find your requests fall on deaf cognitive ears?

Or do you simply wish to work at the top of your game?

You're not alone!

The ability to mentally focus is essential to life, work, and success. It's required to "get things done." Yet, this supposedly simple capacity is challenging for many people. (Maybe you?)

So, what can you do when you need to think but your brain won't collaborate? When you think too slowly, you need too much time to complete simple tasks, or feel as distracted as a moth at a flame?

Or when you want to eke out maximum function to win at life?

Science-backed supplements can help.

Let’s see how.

Stress, Poor Brain Function, and an Antidote

Our energy-hungry brains require a relaxed, well-fed state with ample blood flow to think clearly and quickly. Herein lies a common problem.

A study published in Brain Circulation noted that even small reductions in cerebral blood flow — blood flowing through the brain — can significantly alter cognitive function. This inevitably adversely impacts mental focus.

One of the problems that triggers impaired microcirculation is chronic stress. Yes, the ongoing strain many of us experience.

It's unsurprising then that stress-related cognitive impairments include:

— decreased ability to focus

— forgetfulness

— trouble making decisions

 rigid thinking

— impaired performance

 poorer judgment

But nature offers an antidote. Certain ingredients hold the power to soothe stress.

L-theanine: The Calmative in Tea

Tea has long been revered as a calmative. Consider the tweak on the English phrase, Keep Calm And Drink Tea, and you're onto something.

The secret lies in L-theanine, an amino acid in black and green teas.

A study published in Nutrients investigated the effects of this amino acid on a range of stress and mental focus-related functions. Thirty participants were divided into two groups: one received 200mg per day of L-theanine, and the other received a placebo (a sugar pill) for four weeks.

Upon completing the study, the authors found that people fell asleep faster, slept more soundly, and used less sleep medication. As poor sleep can increase stress and reduce attention, and stress can trigger sleep problems, this is an important finding. But the benefits didn't stop there.

The authors also found that verbal fluency and executive function — the ability to plan, focus, remember, remain in control, and achieve — improved.

Because L-theanine is a well-established cognitive enhancer, we've included this ingredient in several supplements, including a 300mg daily dose in HyperPump.

HyperPump contains no stimulants, so it doesn't cause unwanted, uncomfortable jitters — just L-theanine and other science-backed ingredients that sharpen your focus and concentration.

Nitrosigine®: A Natural Ingredient That Increases the Brain's Blood Flow

Nitrosigine® is an ergogenic aid, a product that improves performance.

Also known as inositol-stabilized arginine silicate (ASI), this compound has been shown to upregulate nitric oxide. Nitric oxide modulates blood vessel dilation and regulates nerve function ("neurotransmission"). In other words, Nitrosigine® enhances cerebral blood flow.

The benefit?

Elevated mental focus due to laser-focused concentration and fine-tuned sharpness.

Because of its cognitive power, Nitrosigine® is found within HyperLoad, our elite pre-workout product. This crowd favorite also contains L-theanine to soothe stress, caffeine malate to release energy slowly, and AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC to improve cognitive function.

As Home C. said, "I love this product! The product really works how it's supposed to, it boosts my energy, my mood and my motivation. I really recommend it!"

Grape Seed Extract: Relax the Mind, Support Sleep,  and Focus Your Mind

You've likely heard about the potential benefits of red wine. But while vintners prefer flesh and skin, what about grape seeds?

Grape seed extract contains antioxidants and proanthocyanidins, complexes that calm the mind and support sleep by boosting the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

A calm and well-slept brain is essential for a focused mind. (You no doubt know this already)

Along with L-theanine, HyperPump contains grape seed extract to support your brain better.

Caffeine: Stimulate Your Mind Naturally

You've likely experienced the brain boost with a morning cup of Joe — the almost instant hit of focus, like someone's turned on your mojo.

But could this popular compound enhance your mental focus?


In the published article, A review of caffeine's effects on cognitive, physical and occupational performance, the authors note that:

Following low (40 mg or 0.5 mg kg−1) to moderate (300 mg or 4 mg kg−1) caffeine doses, alertness, vigilance, attention, reaction time, and attention improve.

That's the equivalent of half to three cups of coffee.

We've formulated HyperBurn and HyperLoad with caffeine anhydrous to put a pep in your cognitive step.

As an added bonus, caffeine elevates the energy you burn at rest, simulates the breakdown of fat, helps you to power through training, and increases focus and concentration.

The Mental Focus Takeaway

You don't need to struggle with a stubborn, foggy brain. There are natural options, thankfully!

Science-backed supplements can effectively ease stress, support sleep, and enhance blood flow to your brain. This potent combination augments concentration and fine-tunes mental sharpness. Yes, it elevates focus to the next level.

From the calming effects of L-theanine in HyperPump to the brain-boosting Nitrosigine® in HyperLoad and the tranquil support of grape seed extract, these ingredients power cognitive performance.

Caffeine's naturally stimulating effect flicks on the mental power switch. That’s why you’ll find this compound in both HyperBurn and HyperLoad.

So, why settle for a foggy mind when you can seize the reins of mental clarity?

Grab these supplements and unlock the potential for unparalleled focus and concentration. We’re sure you’ll love them as many of our customers do!